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Get a Great Job, Faster. 

Black Sheep

Our job search clients get 50 - 90% response rates on their applications.

(compared to the average 1-5% rate without our help!)

Welcome to Blacksheep HR 

Job searches are hard work.

The vast majority of job search stories we hear go something like this:

Update your resume for the position and company.

Tried to use all the right words, so you Google keywords. (That wasn't very helpful.)

Update and try to optimize your LinkedIn.

Google how to get your headline just right.

Use the right amount of characters.

Apply at the right time. Google "what is the right time to apply to jobs?"

Be ready for a pop-up phone interview at any moment.

Get the correct lighting and background for video interviews.

Think about all the right answers. Google "what are the right interview answers?"

Do your research about the companies. 

Apply. Apply. Apply. Wait.

Get ghosted by recruiters.

Apply. Apply Apply. Wait. Apply. Apply. Apply.

Get a phone interview.

Apply. Apply. Apply. Apply. Wait.

Got an interview, but you're not chosen to be hired. Thank you, come again.

Apply. Apply. Apply. Apply. Wait. Silence. Get disgruntled.

Apply. Apply. Apply. Become unmotivated.

Apply. Apply. Apply. Apply. Wait.

Do some free work for an employer as part of the interview process. Wonder if they are going to steal your ideas. Wait. Not chosen again.

Apply Apply. Apply. Wait. 

Accept the first job offer that comes your way. Try to love it.



At Black Sheep HR, our purpose is helping people who want to work, find, land, and create optimal job opportunities that suit their strengths, unique personality, expertise, goals, and lifestyle and environmental preferences. 

Our proven methodology helps you find, interview for, and land an awesome job opportunity 1 - 4 months faster, (than going it alone).


In fact, our clients typically receive 50-90% response rates from the resumes/applications they submit!


For comparison sake, job seekers without our help typically receive 1 - 5% response rates on their applications/resumes.


Our Job Search clients typically enjoy 40 - 100% increases in salary or total compensation too, which means their small investment in building their future with our help definitely paid off!

They got the desired job.

They got a huge pay increase.

They got their job faster than expected (less income lost).

They spent less effort reaching their goal. 


Once we get your dream job in place and you are working somewhere you love, we are available to stick by your side, providing you with expert, on-call, ongoing situational job and career support, so that you always have your own HR Department on YOUR side.


You no longer have to turn to the HR team hired by your employer. We get to know your company's policies, procedures, and unique culture. We also learn all about your boss, their boss, and leadership dynamics. We research everything possible to provide you with the best, most personalized service possible.

We assist people from pre-hire to retire, from negotiating offers, to EEOC claims, benefits, and beyond.


When you partner with us, you'll have greater confidence to make bold moves, and increased peace of mind throughout your career, knowing you have your own HR experts backing you up every step of the way. 

Grow Your Vision

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Client Reviews

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Chandy guided me through a tough employment issue, and out the other side, leading me to getting 5 offers to choose from and a 40% raise. Now I work at a company who lets me work from home as I please, I have unlimited PTO, and my managers really respect me. I know I never would have had the confidence, nor would I have known the best techniques to land a job like this on my own, or with anyone else's help! This woman knows what she's doing! 

Amanda S. - Customer Service Manager

"Chandy went above and beyond to help me. Her expertise is second to none! She taught me so much and helped me get a 54% salary raise with awesome benefits package! Half of the benefits she shared with me I didn't even know existed!

Chris Adams

Chandy's passion for clients is unsurpassed. You will not regret choosing her to help you find a job, get a raise, or solve a difficult work situation. She's helped me with all of the above and now I keep close contact and gladly maintain a monthly subscription so I can get her help anytime I need it. This service is incredibly useful and I cannot begin to count how many times I've used this service over the years! Simply amazing service and knowledge. Thank you Chandy!

Quinn Davis

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